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Farr Financial commodity brokers offer self-directed futures traders
Opening a Trading Account

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If you're a self-directed trader interested in the control and convenience of trading futures on-line or through our trading desk (for the same low price), it's time to open a trading account with Farr Financial. We give you the information, tools, and freedom you need as a serious commodity futures trader!

Commodity Charts
Commodity Charts and Quotes
View  the soft markets, grains, metals, stock indexes, energies, currencies, livestock, and bonds.  View a brokers symbol list and quote board, and commodity price charts.

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Experience FarrDirect right now!  Demo login information will be emailed to you immediately. Please note that since this is a demonstration account, the quotes for the demo account are delayed at least 30 minutes. Also, you will have the ability to do everything a regular customer will be able to do (with the exception of actually placing "live" trades, of course!).

 Commodity Trading
Self-Directed Commodity Trading
Farr Financial is pleased to offer commission rates of $9 per side please visit our commission schedule for details and other costs.  In conjunction with superb order execution! This low rate and professional service is available to all self-directed customers with no minimum trade activity required. You can choose to trade through our professional trade desk and/or over the Internet for the same low rate.  Trading Services

Trading Futures over the Internet
Send your order DIRECTLY to our hosted technology at the exchange hubs... As a client of Farr Financial, you can trade ALL U.S. and European contracts and options contracts via the Internet.

As an added benefit, you can now electronically route your orders DIRECTLY to the exchanges for, Bond, Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100, and DIRECTLY to Globex for the E-Mini S&P & E-Mini Nasdaq. Your orders are electronically routed directly without any interruption of any kind. This is the fastest way to execute orders and is an absolute must for professionals and serious traders...

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