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About Farr Financial

Farr Financial is a commodity brokerage firm located in Chicago, IL, and also has a branch office located in Las Vegas, NV. Farr Financial is a member of the National Futures Association and is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Revolutionizing the Futures Industry
Finally, the fast execution and deep discount rate normally reserved for institutions are now available to you. Farr Financial offers a commission rate of $9 per side commission rate for all self-directed accounts, regardless of trading frequency or volume, please visit our commission schedule for details and other costs.

$9 Per side commission rate Means More Money & Trading Opportunities...
  • Now you can put on futures and options strategies that can only make sense with a low commission rate!
  • Think of your break-even point! 
  • Think of how your commission rate affects your overall trading performance!
  • Think of what the commission savings will do to the size of your account!

    Please visit our commission schedule for details and other costs.

On-Line Trading Platform
When you place your orders electronically through our revolutionary on-line order entry system, you can route your orders DIRECTLY to the exchanges. Your order is sent directly to the exchanges without any interruption of any kind. Compare this execution to that of other brokerage firms where your execution may involve up to four steps:
  • You call your broker and place the order
  • Your broker calls his central order desk
  • The central order desk calls the exchange order desk
  • Your order is finally executed

    At Farr Financial, your orders are executed like this:
  • You enter the order on-line over the Internet or place it with the professional trade desk.
  • The order is instantly received by the exchange and is immediately executed
Simple and fast execution without any hassles or delays. Click here for Online Futures Trading Demo.

Full Service Accounts
For traders who want assistance, but wish to make all final decisions, Farr Financial offers the full service brokerage account. As a client under the full service program, you work one-on-one with a professional Farr Financial commodity broker who will provide you with the trading ideas, research, and assistance you need to help you with your trading. When you feel that you no longer need the professional assistance of a full service account, you can choose to switch to a self-directed ($9 Per side commission rate) trading account, please visit our commission schedule for details and other costs.

Trading Systems
Farr Financial can trade your trading systems for you or help you choose a trading system! Contact one of our representatives for more information!

Opening Your Trading Account
It is very simple to open a trading account with Farr Financial. You will need the account documents which can be mailed to you or downloaded on-line. To request or download the forms on-line click here or contact one of our representatives at 1-800-676-1562 during normal business hours. Please feel free to contact a Farr Financial representative if you have any questions on opening your trading account. You can also choose to conveniently contact us by e-mail at

There is a risk of loss in futures trading and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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