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Action buttons allow you to enter Market Buy and Sell orders by just clicking on one button instead of having to choose the Side, Quantity, Order Type and then clicking on the Submit/Modify Order button.

Default Quantity Values:
The Action buttons automatically default to a quantity of zero(0) every time you log into PMBe.

To Change the Default Quantity Value:
1. To change the default value (for the current session only), go to the Main Menu and click on the link labled  Action Button Management.
2. Enter a number in the field and then click on the [Submit] button.
3. After submitting the request you will be redirected to the Main Menu.

4. From there, verify that the Default Quantity was changed by referencing the Profile section - Action Button Quantity, of the Main Menu.

action_button1.gif (3585 bytes)

5. Now when you are on an Order Management screen you will be able to click on the Action Buttons located just below the order form to Buy or Sell the number of contracts that you specified at the Market by simply clicking on the appropriate Action Button.

action_button2.gif (25780 bytes)

Please keep in mind that the order form fields, i.e. Side, Quantity, Price, Type, do NOT have to be keyed in order to use the Action Buttons to Buy or Sell at the Market!

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