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1. To Cancel/Replace an order, go to the order ticket in the order management screen and click the MOD hotlink.

cxl_replace1.GIF (7264 bytes)

2. This will bring you to the Modify Request screen, where you may enter your modification.

cxl_replace2.gif (10495 bytes)

3. Once you hit "Transmit Request", you will be brought back to the order management screen, which will show both your original order and your modify request. Refresh your screen, and you will see the progression of your modification.

cxl_replace3.gif (10958 bytes)

4. If your request is accepted, then you will see your new order working, with the status "WORKING", in the order management screen. If you see nothing in order management screen, then click on the "All Activity" hotlink, and you may view your previous order.

cxl_replace4.gif (7497 bytes)

5. If the order is too late to replace, then you will see your original order with its execution, and your modification request with the status of "TLTR".

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