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1. From the Main Menu, click on the link under Direct Entry for the market that you want to trade.

new_order1.gif (25970 bytes)

2. Select the SIDE ( Buy or Sell).

3. Change the ORDER QUANTITY if desired (default is 1).

4. Enter a PRICE if this will be a LIMIT or STOP order.

5. Select the ORDER TYPE (Limit, Stop, Market) Note: Some markets do not support all Order Types.  Click here for details

6. Visually confirm that the information from the above steps is exactly the order that you want to place.

7. Upon successfull visual confirmation, click on the [SUBMIT/MODIFY ORDER] button.

8. The screen will now be refreshed and you should see the order you just entered below the red bar. Please note your ticket number and the status of the order.

new_order2.gif (7418 bytes)

9. If the status of the order is TRANSMITTING, refresh your screen until you see that the status of the order has changed to WORKING. When the order status is Working, the color of the status box will turn to Green.

new_order3.gif (7431 bytes)

10. This screen does not auto-refresh itself. Please be sure to manually refresh the screen to check on the status of the order.

11. This screen only displays WORKING orders and orders that are in transit to the exchange. If an order gets filled, the order will not appear on the order management screen so you will need to click on the [Last 10 Orders], [All Activity] or [Execution Report] link to view the fill information. In other words, do not be alarmed when you refresh the order management screen and no longer see your order working because the status on the order may have changed since the last time you refreshed the screen.

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