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1. Cancelling a working order is now one click away. Simply click the CXL button in the Action Field to send your cancel request.

straight_cxl1.gif (28978 bytes)

2. The order management screen should now show a new ticket (the 'cancel' ticket, #1829 pictured below) which is attempting to straight cancel the order (Ticket #1825). The status on the 'cancel' ticket should read PENDING CXL.

straight_cxl2.gif (10887 bytes)

3. When the order has been confirmed cancelled by the exchange and/or broker in the pit, you will NOT be able to see either record on the order management screen. By clicking on the [All Activity] link, you will see that the order's status (Ticket #1825) is CANCELLED and the box is colored red.

straight_cxl3.gif (7297 bytes)

4. Occasionally, the ticket may be Too Late To Cancel, in which case, the box will read TLTC, and the original ticket will read FILLED.

straight_cxl4.gif (9968 bytes)

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